I will always be forever grateful that God blessed me with crossing paths with Coach Sheeba! She is amazing. She helped take my business to an entire new level. She helped me realize I needed to be on my business instead of in it. Thank you, Sheeba!!
— Laura Peiffer
Sheeba recently spent an hour with my sales team, working with us around team goals and action items. She was energetic, professional, straight forward and knowledgeable. Sheeba created a safe environment where my team felt comfortable sharing their goals along with ways I can better support them as their Sales Manager. We all are looking forward to having Sheeba meet with us again, holding us accountable, helping us dig below the surface of our goals to find the “why” and providing additional advice. I would highly recommend Sheeba for individual coaching and or a large team you might be managing.
— Dominic Conetto, Fidelity National, VP Sales
Sheeba is an excellent trainer, facilitator and coach. Sheeba expertly blends her wisdom and warmth to challenge and teach you how to move forward when life gets complicated. When you are you in Sheeba’s world, your transformation + breakthrough results are the gifts you receive!
— Diana Long
As someone who trains and develops coaches from all over the world, Sheeba impressed me from the moment I met her. Her natural instincts blend into this caring and powerful force that will guide, inspire and drive you to levels you didn’t know you could reach. And she does it all with the patience of a teacher, the care of a mother and the encouragement of a coach! I hold people to very high standards and Sheeba continues to blow me away with her commitment and her impact as a life-changing experience for others.
— Mike Jaffe, The Human WakeUp Call
I had the privilege of having Sheeba as my trainer for a LPI 5-day intensive coach certification program. I found her to be an excellent role-model as a coach! She’s organized and presented the information in a friendly, engaging way. Sheeba is truly a master coach, and generously shared her wisdom and experience with the class. More importantly, I felt supported by her and that she was genuinely committed to my success as a coach. If you have the opportunity to train with Sheeba, you will be happy you did!
— Sandy Shaw, Certified Life Coach
Sheeba is an extremely gifted Coach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support and guidance in setting and achieving their goals. Sheeba is a great listener and can effectively summarize your set of circumstances down to its key elements. She has a wonderful ability to then help you to decide on the most practical and effective course of action required to achieve the best results.
— Kerri Morton, M.Ed
Sheeba coached me personally when I was dealing with some blocks and fears. I am so grateful for her expert coaching skills. I am grateful for her time, guidance and inspiration!
— Kristie Entwistle, Studio Director/Owner - Ballroom Experience www.ballroomexp.com
Vanessa Espina
I can talk endlessly about Sheeba's coaching; she is a blessing, remarkable and moving. Sheeba is remarkable as she holds space for you to grow as a leader. She moves you to take the next level and asks just the right questions to ignite the beauty and fierceness in you to come out. 

-Vanessa Espina, Communication Coach

Sheeba Varghese is a masterful trainer who seamlessly weaves humor, compassion and wisdom into a magnificent learning experience.
— Malaika Pettigrew, MA
"Coaching with Sheeba has been life-altering in the most profound way. Before working with Sheeba, I was all over the place when it came to marketing my new business and just getting started. With 2 children, and a job, I didn’t know where to begin. I had so many fears about stepping out of my comfort zone and being an entrepreneur. Sheeba genuinely heard my concerns and was able to help me work through my blocks so I could launch my practice. She also assisted me in strategizing marketing techniques so I can have more of focus which resulted in action and productivity. " 

Quanya Linen, MA,


Kind words and testimonials shared by people just like you.

Coach Sheeba was an integral part of my achieving the goal of becoming a Certified Life Coach. I attended a five-day intensive through Life Purpose Institute and Sheeba was the Coach/Trainer/Facilitator. A room of 10 uniquely different individuals all embarking on the same journey. Coach Sheeba was able to guide all ten of us through our own process to learn the skills required to become a certified life coach as well as creating that safe, sacred space with which to share our own struggles and limiting beliefs. With her extensive knowledge Sheeba helped our group to understand the details of the information and guided me personally through my own transformation to truly understand what coaching was and how it would look once I became a certified.

Since that time, I graduated and received my certification, Coach Sheeba has remained a mentor as I continue to learn and grow into the coach I was truly meant to be. She is direct, clear, kind and above all, one of the most dedicated in our profession. It takes a special person to become a coach, and even extra special one who can help, train, coach and teach others as well. Sheeba is that extra special person.
— Jodi Silverman Founder of Moms Who Dare www.JodiSilverman.com
Sheeba is a powerhouse of inspiration, focus and wisdom! Somehow she allows the space for everyone’s authenticity while guiding you in a sure-footed way that enlightens and allows for a deeper discovery of each person’s style, skill development and abilities. Thank you for all that you are.
— Anthony Haskins, J.D., C.HT., C.L.C. Resource Director, Dr. Phil Show
Working with Coach Sheeba was absolutely life changing, her work as a coach exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. I started working with Sheeba during a very difficult period of my life. Dealing with grief, the end of significant relationship, and in a challenging financial situation, I had been really down, depressed and unsure of how to move forward in my life. Sheeba showed up for me, her presence and ability to see me as already living the highest version of myself and life profoundly impacted my ability to get ‘unstuck’. Her gentle yet direct approach challenged me to look deeply at my own patterns and how to move through my fears and limiting beliefs. During our time together, she helped me to reinforce new patterns of self trust, in a very BIG WAY. I also learned how being able to receive was directly correlated to my financial ability. Fast forward one year and without a doubt the work we did together laid the foundation for some big shifts in my life. I am so grateful, inspired and happy to have had the chance to work with Sheeba. Her loving, attentive, direct and skilled approach has made a significant and positive impact on my life.
— Tara
Coach Sheeba is a rockstar! She taught a 5-day life coach certification course I attended, and I was blown away by her enthusiasm, vast knowledge and dedication to her craft. Within the first few hours of her class, I felt excited about being in her presence and drawn to her magnetism. She’s easily approachable and makes every student feel valued and special. After the class concluded, Sheeba has gone the extra mile by staying in contact with me and following up to check in on my progress towards starting a life coaching progress. I feel lucky to have her in my life, and I know she’s in my corner no matter what! So grateful!
— Melanie Scott, Lawyer and Life Coach
I had the pleasure to have Coach Sheeba as my instructor for a five-day intensive life coaching certification. As soon as we met, it felt like we had know each other for a very long time. She makes you feel immediately comfortable and safe. She is a great teacher and mentor and brings calming energy to everything that she does. As a life coach myself, I appreciate Sheeba being there for me not only for business coaching, but also for my own personal development. Thank you Sheeba! I am so happy you are in my life.
— Susan J. Reynolds, Business Manager Mama Bootcamp, Inc.
Coach Sheeba is truly one of a kind. Her keen insight, and masterful engagement of coaching, has empowered me to see the tangible, as well as, authentic value in Life Coaching. Sheeba has an uncanny way of getting to the heart of every issue, especially when it comes to breaking down problems, obstacles and helping me build them back up with action steps that lead to valuable solutions. I’ve learned so much from Coach Sheeba. She truly has a heart for helping people and pushing them to reach their maximum potential, myself included. I count it a privilege and an honor to have been taught by such a highly skilled professional. Coach Sheeba truly operates with the spirit of excellence in everything she does. Coach Sheeba is a life changer.
— Jamal Vallair, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
“Wow!! A life coach! When I met Sheeba, she was my High School Calculus teacher, but she became my Mentor and a confidant/friend because her actions were more than just teaching. She cared. She gave-not just instruction, but correction, love, laughter and the demonstration of the beauty of what the walk of life is about- ­integrity. She¹s amazing! The High School class she taught, AP Calculus, which I believe was her first year in teaching this class, was known to have a low ranking score on the AP Exam after her teaching (coaching), our class scored higher than the past students and since then, she has been one of my coaches to be the successful woman that I am today! Her words of encouragement that always stick with me were, “Know who you are, know where you’re going and walk in that.” I recommend her services to everyone in need of a Coach, Mentor and Confidante!
— Alexandria Mason
I am absolutely inspired to live my truth and take risks after speaking with Sheeba. Sheeba has been a wonderful life coach, supporter, and teacher on my journey towards creating the life I wish to live. Intuitive, understanding, clear and direct are the words I would use to describe Sheeba. She listened with intention and heard all that I was unable to speak, and helped me articulate my goals in a practical and achievable manner. She has inspired me to go after the life I dream, and take risks. She has inspired me to to live more authentically. She helped me drop the labels and tangibles, allowing myself to just be. Thank you Sheeba for helping me take my first steps towards living a more authentic and fulfilling life that is supported by unconditional love and support for myself. Thank you for challenging me in positive ways and bringing out my inner potentials. I feel stronger and more confident, as you saw the strength in me. You are absolutely brilliant and a conduit of love and light.
— Caitlin Leigh
Sheeba has been my coach on several occasions, our longest work together being 12 weeks with weekly sessions. She is an amazing coach who helped me to move forward with my plans, gain news insights, and develop personally and professionally. Sheeba’s thoughtful, warm-hearted way, her sparkling intellect, and long experience ignited many deep conversation and an overall atmosphere of great trust and security. I highly recommend her services and I am grateful that I was able to work with Sheeba.
— Attila Albert, Writer & Coach, Switzerland
I have worked closely and happily with Coach Sheeba for 2 years and continue to work with her to date. She is a close friend, loving godly mom and wife, veteran educator and most importantly, a woman of the highest integrity and character. She came into my translation business at a critical time of much chaos, overwhelm, fires, lack of clear focus and immediately helped to bring order, clarity, laser-like focus, organization and life-changing business systems to my business and team. She is a tough-love, focused, reliable and very personable biz/personal coach who will challenge you and has been an invaluable accountability partner. She will bring the best out of you and your business/team. I strongly recommend her without reservation to any struggling business/owner that is serious about getting their business in order and taking it to the next level!
— Thomas Shou, CEO & Founder of SinoTrans Intl - 1-Stop Asian Translation Solutions
Sheeba is gifted in her field and has found her true calling. Through her coaching process, I have found that she has helped me achieve clarity in my business and personal life. She is inspiring, empowering, passionate and committed to helping you have breakthroughs and ultimately achieving huge milestones in growth.
— Lorri Ann Code, Founder of Mama Bootcamp, Inc.
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I never really gave it much thought about all the negative chatter which keeps us back from stepping into our business dreams. After holding onto my life coaching certification for more than two years I am finally moving forward with setting up the business. Our sessions together where amazing and each one brought new insight to why I was spinning the business wheels but staying in the same spot. I had no idea how much I was allowing my inner critic to hold center stage which kept many things on a shelf and not moving forward with original intentions. Thanks again, Sheeba, for assisting me to shine the light on the uniqueness of who I am and placing thoughts which no longer serve me in a place where they don’t hold me back from my business dreams. Working with you, I was able to bring clarity around grasping one idea and allowing it to plant and grow. You have assisted me to prepare the rich soil for the seeds to grow. Today my business thrives and continues to grow. It is all because I took the time to prepare the soil with you.
— Debbie Gutierrez
Sheeba’s coaching provides Major Breakthroughs! She has a powerful ability to transform chaos into clarity and helps create practical goals / action steps. Before working with Sheeba, I felt stuck in my business efforts - it felt like I hit a wall and didn’t know how to get things up and running. Also, I felt unclear on what business processes are needed to make my business run smoothly. Lastly I couldn’t seem to shake an ongoing weight struggle (a continuous cycle of losing and gaining weight). Without my business, I felt unfulfilled and was not living in my purpose. After working with Sheeba, I’ve launched my business and everything is up and running. I’ve gained weight loss clarity as I now realize what was going wrong in this area and I’m excited about new beginnings. I’d highly recommend Sheeba’s coaching if you are ready to take your life and business to the next level. Thank you Sheeba, I am forever grateful!
— Janae Martin
Sheeba is amazing to work with! She knows just what you need and when you need it, whether it’s firmness to get you going or encouragement when you’re feeling a little low. She is also always amazingly professional. Working with her has helped me on so many levels in my personal and professional life and in only several sessions, she has taught me how to focus on what really matters and get things done. I highly recommend her!
— S. Williams, Community Relations Manager