Are you looking to become credentialed
through the International Coaching Federation ?



  1. You will be asked to Submit a 20-30 minute prerecorded coaching session for my review. (Please be sure to have the permission of the client before recording the session). 
  2.  Feedback is provided regarding your coaching skills based on the I.C.F. coaching competencies.
  3. We will have a 30 minute session to discuss the  feedback and recommendations on how to strengthen the overall coaching session.
  4. A minimum of 3 of the 10 mentoring hours must be one-on-one coaching with a credentialed mentor. 

How do you choose a Mentor Coach?

According to the ICF, Mentor Coaching means: “a credential applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill.”

With that said, I am a Certified Mentor Coach through InviteChange. There is definitely a difference between those who have gone through the process of learning and developing in their competencies and understanding of BEING a Mentor Coach than those who have not. So, before you choose a Mentor Coach, do your due diligence to find out their experience in providing the support for your development and growth as a coach. Regardless of the training you took, the Mentor Coaching process focuses on your development with the I.C.F. core competencies.

$150 per Session Review  (discounts available for multiple review sessions)

For more information on Mentor Coaching, please visit the ICF website.
Need more information?  Contact me at 650.741.6545 or visit my CONTACT page.


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Testimonials from the Mentor Coaching Program

Sheeba’s mentor coaching course came at the perfect time for me. I had been out of certification class for over a year, and though I continued reviewing the material and using it with clients since then, I was really ready to up my coaching game. I was finally grasping the concepts we went over in certification class and I was looking for some guided practice to test this new awareness. When I Initially started the mentor coaching course, I was concerned about coaching “correctly”, following all the rules of I had learned and proving I had progressed since certification.
I learned immediately that Sheeba’s course was a safe place for me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. It allowed me to “fail” (for lack of a better word) if I needed to so I could learn how to improve. In the course, there is no right or wrong, just growing. I could let go of what I thought I needed to do as a coach and relax into how I wanted to be as a coach. Following the course, my confidence in my coaching jumped and I was able to deepen my coaching with clients because I was able to focus more on the client’s issues, rather than my own as a coach. Personally, I take dealing with people’s feelings and emotions seriously, it’s not something I want to play around with. Now I’m able to set up coaching appointments with confidence knowing the client is in good hands with my coaching abilities.
— Dan Zimmerman
If You Want to Be Better, You Want Sheeba

I was introduced to Sheeba though Life Purpose Institute. She was the instructor for our coaching certification course and I keep coming back to her! I have now had her as a one-on-one and group mentor coach. Sheeba is intelligent, articulate, confident, and caring while being humble enough to not be arrogant about how fabulous she is. She is committed to her craft and continually pursues extra training and certifications. She’s committed to her clients and in session will ask powerful questions that get to the heart of the matter. She gives feedback that empowers her clients to own their gifting and become their best. She is energetic, funny, yet still professional and trustworthy. I encourage you to work with her at any capacity because you WILL be inspired and changed through doing so.
— -J. Lacy
Beth Burnes'.jpg
Sheeba is the best. I originally enrolled in Sheeba’s mentor group to obtain mentor hours for the ICF requirements. I soon realized that I would be getting so much more. Sheeba is masterful at guiding students in their coaching, using direct communication in a gentle, compassionate way. The first time was so valuable that I knew I wanted to take it a second time. Not for requirements this time, but for Sheeba’s expertise. Plus it was fun! I highly recommend Sheeba as a mentor coach.
— B. Burns
IMG_8092 (1).JPG
I am so happy to have participated in your Nov/Dec. mentor coaching class. I was concerned about the timing of the class being so close to the holidays and maybe not putting my all into the class.

But that wasn’t my experience.

I was also afraid that I might not be prepared for your class because I knew that a few of the others had taken the class just before this one. In other words, I lacked confidence. But this also wasn’t a problem. I hoped to gain some valuable coaching experience and thereby confidence.

And I did!!!

The most valuable take-aways for me were

1) Really understanding the importance of a clear and focused coaching agreement.
And how to create one.
2) The value of asking open ended powerful questions.
3) The importance of creating sacred space for the coachee to enter into the session wholeheartedly.
4) The value of giving client time to pause after making a significant discovery ÁHA!!!
5) Asking for measureability of desired outcomes. Where do they stand at the beginning and where do they want to be at the end of the session. And then checking in just before the end so that the client can see the value of the session.

Lots of learning…
I love that you shared your resources with us. And that you taped our coaching and we could listen and learn from each session.
— C.Powers
I have been taking Mentor Coaching Training from Sheeba. She is an amazing trainer, wonderfully knowledgeable, and insightful. I never fail to learn something new about coaching or myself. She is an excellent coach and really works to help me understand myself and coaching principles.
— Christine Alvarez
Sheeba is truly one of the finest coaches I’ve ever seen or worked with. She has a gift for saying exactly the right thing at the right time: “articulate” would be a huge understatement. That combined with her insight, directness, & honesty make her truly special. She has said things that had such impact on me they still resonate a couple years later! If you have the opportunity to work with Sheeba, whether as a client, mentee coach, or as a student, I highly encourage you to go for it as your experience with her will be transformative!
— -P. Mathews