Coach Sheeba Presents:

Complimentary LIVE Webinar
"How To BE Confident and Competent in Your Leadership so you can LEAD without FEAR


feeling like you are always in crisis mode!"

Leaders who bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to thriving in their leadership:

  • Learn to listen AND ask powerful questions that build understanding and trust
  • Increase in their Leadership impact and influence
  • Cultivate collaborative, high performing teams   
  • Develop strong client relationships   

Managing is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing. This is key and what is said AND what many emerging leaders do not understand when they are promoted.  It begins with a different mindset. You may have managed a certain way for so long, but after some time you will begin to realize that it needs to change.

You're about to discover 3 critical mindset shifts that support you to be more confident and competent in your leadership without the fear of burnout and feeling like you are always in crisis mode by attending this complimentary webinar:

"3 Critical Mindset Shifts to Transition from Managing to Leading"

When: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Where: Online

Time: 9:30am Pacific (12:30pm Eastern) AND 5:30pm Pacific (8:30pm Eastern)


Hi, my name is Sheeba Varghese, I work with Emerging Managers, Partners, Senior Directors & VP's who want to Bridge the Gap to becoming Exceptional Leaders so they can create sustainable change.

Being a manager and being a leader are not always the same thing. Exceptional Leaders are great coaches and great coaches listen, ask questions, clarify assumptions, suspend judgements and so much more.  This process builds trust and understanding, leading to stronger business relationships. As a Certified Coach myself, I know that I can help you to develop many of these skills, but without a mindset shift, the changes will not be sustainable over time.  

On this webinar training, you'll discover 3 critical mindset shifts every leader needs to cultivate, including: 

1.    Making the transition from managing to leading

2.    Asking powerful questions that lead to understanding and trust

3.    Building your confidence and competence in Leadership Conversations

"Sheeba is an excellent trainer, facilitator + coach.  She expertly blends her wisdom and warmth to challenge and educate ....

"When you are you in Sheeba's world, your transformation + breakthrough results are the gifts you receive! Sheeba has a way to convey complex ideas into simple pieces so that you easily understand new concepts"

So if you're serious about wanting to cultivate a mindset that supports you in being more confident and competent in your leadership without the fear of burnout and feeling like you are always in crisis mode, register now for this special event that will share with you the 3 critical mindset shifts that supports and creates sustainable change.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE sessions will fill up quickly because they are free. So claim your spot now!


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