"Coaching one person can make a difference in the lives of countless others.
Teaching an executive to change just one word in a single sentence
can improve an entire organization’s morale, teamwork,
and productivity.”

Brenda Corbett & Judith Colemon



You can have all the skills in the world.  In fact, it was probably your skills that enabled you to achieve the results of where you are today. However, it is often your underdeveloped traits that can keep you from becoming agile in an ever changing, diverse, and unpredictable environment.

Any strength that is overused limits the expanse of your influence.  As a result, the Leadership Development Coaching process supports you in cultivating a shift within your mindset that will allow you to create sustainable change.

What are the areas of focus we work on together?

I support you to identify and change behaviors that will negatively impact your communication, relationships, and management of others. Using the True Tilt Profile and the Tilt 365 Tools, I help you understand "why" you do the things you do. The coaching relationship then addresses the change in mindset AND behaviors that will be required of you so you may maximize your impact in leadership, motivation, self-awareness, communication, relationships, perceptions and accountability within the professional environment.

How do we work together?

I work with my clients utilizing the Zoom or Skype platforms, via telephone or over Face Time. Some of my executive clients are local.  In these situations, I may meet them in their offices or nearby. The frequency of our meetings are dependent on the client and what their desired goals are for the coaching relationship. 

How do we begin the process?

Sometimes, it is a company that hires me for a leader within their organization. When this happens, a proposal is submitted and once it is accepted, then a contract/agreement is sent detailing the arrangements of the coaching relationship.

Other times it is a leader that connects with me directly. Once we have a chance to speak about your goals, I will send the contract detailing the arrangements of the coaching relationship.

Last but not least, the question is not whether you are a leader, because we are all leaders.  The question is really about how well you are leading within the spheres of influence you are called to impact!