When Life Hands You Lemons

At 18 years old, Bob Cox was a young, promising hockey player. He worked hard, practiced often, and had dreams of one day playing hockey professionally.  Then one day while riding his motorcycle, he lost control and took a nasty spill. During the accident, his left arm was severed from his body just below the shoulder.

When Bob awoke in the hospital, the doctors told him that the damage was too extensive, and that reattachment was not an option. At 18, all of the dreams he had for his future as a hockey player were shattered in an instant.

Bob had a good outlook, and even though it was a tough road he went about learning how to live with only one arm. He still craved athleticism, though he knew that the ice was no longer a viable field of play. So instead he took up golf.

In time, Bob developed a powerful golf swing that was all his own and today he’s regarded as a top player, competing professionally and helping amateurs and pros alike perfect their game. He also helps organize events for the Special Olympics, helping young people achieve their own “impossible” dreams.

Had Bob never faced the misfortune of losing his arm, he wouldn’t have discovered all the fortunate opportunities that now shape his life. 

I have often said, "Today's challenge is tomorrow's defining moment!" Tweet That!

What are the difficulties that you are dealing with today? Life may not have progressed exactly as you have planned. However, one thing is for sure, all the challenges that you have walked through in your life were for a purpose. Either we can fall as a victim to them or we can rise up and allow the journey to help us grow.

Often it is the circumstances that you have been through that matures you, builds your character, teaches you about life and others, uncovers who you are and becomes the inspiration for others!

How can YOU make lemonade from life’s lemons TODAY?

Life happens everyday and I welcome you to download my free 7 Simple Steps to Thrive. In this download you will receive an assessment that will help you see where you are today along with some simple steps you can take to begin making lemonade from what seems like today’s lemons.

Thrive in your moments,