Make the Most of Your Vacation


According to an Expedia survey, Americans left half a billion vacation days unused last year.

Read that again, and ask yourself, Is this you? Do you have PTO you haven’t taken? When’s the last time you took a real vacation?

It can be hard to plan time away when there is a mountain of work piling up, or building your business, or under a deadline, but there are practical and important reasons why you should take your vacation days – and really make the most of them!

Taking time away from work can help clear our minds as we step away from the busyness. It gives us opportunities to build meaningful relationships and memories, rest, and bring our focus on what is truly important.   However, all vacations are not created equal and some can leave us even more stressed.  Here are some tips for keeping your time off as relaxing as possible.

Ask for help. The most stressful aspect of planning a vacation is in the details. If you are really looking to decompress on your vacation, getting a travel agent or an inclusive package trip can help you not sweat the small stuff that can really pile up and make your vacation a ton more carefree.

Plan more than a month in advance. Trying to sort out the plans for the trip last minute is the stuff of nightmares. It can completely overwhelm you to the point where you dread your upcoming vacation rather than look forward to it. The earlier you plan, the better.

Go away. Staycations have grown more popular in recent years due to cost or convenience, but a 2014 study by the Harvard Business Review actually suggests that the best, most meaningful trips include traveling to someplace foreign and new. Truly get away from your day-to-day by planning an adventure in a new city or a National Park you haven’t visited before.

Last but not least, remember, it is not the quantity of time that you take to be away, but the quality that makes all the difference. So, where are you off to next? What is one of your favorite places vacation spots?