Leading Does Not Mean Doing It All

Not only does this lead to burnout and a disconnected team, it also prevents your team from functioning at its best.

The first thing you need to remember is that you need to trust your team and share with them what your needs are. They may not even realize that you want to give them more responsibilities.

If you are finding it hard to communicate how you wish to share the load, start with small steps by selecting a co-leader to help you manage the team. You can pass the torch to this trusted person and they can keep you in the loop.

From there, together you can communicate on ways to continue to even up the load by distributing duties among the team to those that are the most capable to complete them.

This way you can get more done without doing it all and train others in the process.

There is power in effectively communicating what you need from your team.


Sheeba VargheseComment