Just Take One Step


Have you ever known exactly where you wanted to go, but hesitated because you didn’t know how to get there? Often that hesitation will lead us to do nothing! Our hesitation can continue for a week, a month, and then there we are 5 years later, sitting in the same place and doing the same thing.


This is perfectly natural and perfectly human. From a survival standpoint, we all want to know what’s in store for us in order to determine whether or not the risks outweigh the reward. The only trouble is that avoiding a step due to being unsure keeps you from ever accomplishing your dreams. Uncertainty keeps you from “falling down”, but also keeps you from progress. The comfort zone becomes your friend but also can become your foe.


Fortunately, YOU are really good at handling whatever comes your way. Every day you avoid disaster and arrive on the other side of thousands of challenges, big and small. Some days you are excited at the results and other days you wished things were different, and that is totally fine!  How would you have known, if you had not taken that one step? Drawing confidence from life’s experience, and pulled by the desire of that which you seek, you can rise to meet the road ahead, even if you can only see three feet of it.


And most of the time, the three feet in front of you is all you really need to deal with. Once you have that handled, then there’s the next three feet, and the next, and as the old saying goes, 


“By the yard it’s hard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.” Tweet That!


No matter what dream you are chasing or difficulty you are facing, if you just take the next step, you will almost certainly arrive at your destination safe, sound & successful.

What ONE step can YOU take TODAY to move in the direction you desire?