Is inefficient time management the source of your stress?

Time, once it arrives, you can never ask it to wait.

This is exactly why you need to focus on your larger priorities first and if time allows, your next pressing priority.

I know this sounds easy, but managing time is a stressor for many leaders. Putting some simple strategies in place will help relieve the stress, allow you to work more efficiently and actually have time to work on some things you have been putting off.


1. Set up a routine. Plan for time where you will focus on completing certain tasks. Stick to this schedule until it becomes routine.

2. Break larger tasks into smaller parts. You cannot eat an apple in one bite; remember this when you are trying to accomplish a task that is really too big to do all at once. Which brings me to the next point…

3. Utilize your team. Remember you are not a one woman or one man show. You have your team with their diverse talents that are there to help. Allow them to help.

 4. Get support. Even if you are creating something new to you, someone has done it before or has helped others do it.

Here is a simple and effective training on time management that may be useful. Proficient time management execution is certain to make an impact in your organization.


Sheeba VargheseComment