How old are you?

Are you allowing age to keep you stagnant in life?


Recently, I have been seeing women disrupt the norm when it comes to age and what we “should” do at a certain age. I know that my life is inspired and motivated to live fully when I read their stories. If you feel you are too old to try your hand at something, let me encourage you with the stories of these women:


“You can have more than one love, more than one friend, more than one profession. It’s never too late for anything.” Julia Kertesz


Julia’s husband left her at the age of 70. She moved to London with her son at the age of 74.  She became a storyteller after joining Toastmasters and when she saw that people would laugh at her stories, she went to a comedy workshop.  At the age of 80, Julia is a professional storyteller and an award-winning stand-up comedian! Go figure. Oh and her previous careers included: chemist turned computer-scientist-turned photographer!!


So what’s stopping you??


2. Oleda Baker- ( at the age of 79 (she will be 80 this August), is not afraid of taking a risk. She was a model whose career began in the 20’s. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of her own health and beauty products company, and the author of 10 books and a novel. She is an artist whose oil paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country.  Who says you can’t do more than one thing??


“Procrastination is the worst enemy.” Oleda Baker


Do you have a number of interests? That is just fine- go for it and have fun!


3. Liz Palmer’s passion was running fast. She ran track in college but she suffered what she thought was a career-ending injury. For 25 years, she would continue to jog, but what she really wanted was to run fast.


After stumbling across an online ad for a masters track event, her life changed forever. She is now the fastest female sprinter over the age of 50 in human history!! Yes! She is breaking American and world records, but more importantly she’s able to resume her passion again!


“Erase the phrase- ‘I’m too old’ from your vocabulary forever.” Liz Palmer


What is your passion? What have you placed on the back burner?


For more stories like this, visit  Don’t allow age to stop you from the things that interest you, from discovering what else you might enjoy, to engaging life with vigor and passion.


This is your moment. Be inspired to thrive again.

Age is just a number-it is your mindset that makes the difference. Tweet That!