Get Unstuck and Thrive

I started coaching in 2010. Being new to this profession, I was not sure what I would find but I knew I wanted to help and support others to begin taking steps forward in their lives. Fast forward to 2015 and after having successfully coached many clients, I have come to the conclusion that there are often 3 reasons that a person becomes stuck in life.

  1. They have lost a sense of who they ARE!

  2. They have lost sight of their direction in life.

  3. Their relationship to time, money and important people are off balance.

For some it could be one of these three reasons and for others it could be a combination. Regardless, the beautiful part in all of this is that you don’t have to remain in that space.  You have a choice. You can remain a victim to your circumstances or you can make choices that will help you change,  but you will only be able to get unstuck when you truly want that for your life.

Do you believe that you are meant to thrive in life?

You are not here to simply live a life where each day just rolls into the next. Thriving in life looks different for each person. However, finding that for YOU and your life is so important.

Click here to listen to a talk that I gave a couple of weeks ago regarding this topic.

Where do you find yourself? What are the areas where you are stuck?

You can get unstuck but you don’t have to take those steps alone. You will find resources by clicking here to help you or you can send me a note and we can talk about a strategy that would support you to get you moving again!

Thrive in your moments, 

Coach Sheeba