5 Motivating MOMS!

It is that time of the year when I can walk into Hallmark and see all the beautiful cards that are available to recognize and appreciate the special Mamas out there!

So, why not highlight some MOMS that motivate and inspire all of us to BE BOLD, BE Brilliant and BE Brave!

1. Lori Ann Code is the Founder of Mama Bootcamp.  (www.mamabootcamp.com)

She specializes in helping women achieve their highest potential in wellness and fitness through her personalized training, clean eating for optimal health and energy, and life coaching services. Her heart is to see "Mamas"… women of all ages, shapes, fitness levels, and sizes to find their mojo! Through her bootcamps, Lori Ann and her team of coaches support mamas to become healthy through exercise, nutrition and goal-setting.  These boot camps are held outdoors within an encouraging and supportive camaraderie. Lori Ann, you are helping Mamas to be and live healthy lives !!

2. Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe is the Director of  St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring Centre. (www.prosforafrica.com)

She is a bold nun from Uganda who is helping girls rebuild their lives after being enslaved by Joseph Kony, the African warlord and Lord’s Resistance Army Leader.  She is not only showing these girls care and compassion, but also equipping them with the practical skills of “dressmaking, haircutting, and hairdressing.” In essence, she is taking these broken lives and equipping them to live again, one day at a time.  Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, you are one brave Mother!

3. Jessamyn Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen. (www.hotbreadkitchen.org)

With this nonprofit, Jessamyn trains foreign-born and low-income women for the culinary workforce and food-based businesses.  These women take English classes, learn management and math skills, resume writing and interview prep so they may become the leaders in the culinary industry. She builds the esteem of these immigrants by selling multi-ethnic bread inspired by the bakers themselves. You will find a wonderful variety within their product line that is sold to throughout the country which include: Armenian Lavash crackers, traditional Challah, M’smen (Morrocan flatbread), and Nan-E Qandi (Persian sweetbread), to name few.

With the growing number of equipped bakers from Hot Bread Kitchen, Jessamyn is changing the face of the baking industry where approximately 500 of the 6,000 bakers in New York City are minority women.

We thank you for the work you are doing, Jessamyn, with the immigrant community!

4. Lisa Klein is the Founder and Executive Director of Loved Twice.  (www.lovedtwice.org)

Lisa rallied Bay Area Moms to contribute baby clothing in response to the appeal after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  They collected 200lbs of babywear in 4 days. This became the genesis to begin Loved Twice in 2005, which helps underprivileged newborns in her own community so that these babies may have a better start in life. Through bins that are in stores, hand-me-down sorting events, and caring citizens, Lisa along with other moms, have been able to gather recycled clothing for newborns in need, deliver wardrobes-in-a-box to local hospitals and clinics, volunteer in clothing drives, and donate funds.  Thank you, Lisa, for caring for the lives of our newborns!

I don’t have the name of a specific mom for this 5th choice. Instead, I want to celebrate all the different types of moms that we are surrounded by every day: Our stay-at-home moms, Mom-preneurs, Executive Moms, Professional Moms, Work-at-home MOMS, Blogging Moms, Single Moms, Military Moms, and I am sure I have missed a category here.  Thank you for who you are, what you do, and the sacrifices you make.

Finally, moms, if you are at a place in your life, where you feel stuck, you want more in your life, then please know that as a mom, I was there at one point in my life. My story has led me to where I am today. My passion is to see you thrive in life- in whatever stage that might be. Visit me at www.coachsheeba.com to find out more.