Defining Moments with Inspiring Words

I would like to introduce you to this months featured Mom, Anne Dering. Anne is an independent Demonstrator for Uppercase Living, a company who inspires their customers to transform the walls of their living spaces into a reflection of themselves through beautiful decorative lettering with inspiring messages. This is Anne’s story of how Uppercase Living’s vision became an important part of how Anne inspires others through her love of words, while also living a life that she loves.

When I first discovered Uppercase Living, I don’t remember feeling stuck or in a rut. But at this time in my life, I was a mother of four and enjoyed socializing in “mom’s night out” events. These events gave me a chance to step away from diapers and homework a few times a month. I loved making new friends and visiting with old friends. I loved connecting with other women and recharging my heart. Sometimes these nights out meant attending direct sales parties. I had never thought, never even once considered joining a direct sales company. I simply tried to be a good customer for my friends who were in the DS business while enjoying the company of my dear friends.

In February of 2009, my sister-in-law introduced me to a company called Uppercase Living. The first thing I saw when I went to Uppercase Living's website was John 3:16, "For God so loved the world . . ." in vinyl on the wall. I fell in LOVE. I am a Christian, a writer, and a teacher and I love the power of words so it felt natural to be drawn to this company. As I researched more about the company, I learned that their mission is to inspire others with words. I went from being a potential customer to becoming a demonstrator in a heartbeat.

It's now 5 and 1/2 years later and I am still so in love with the company and the product. It truly is like being in a relationship. Despite any changes in the company and through all the ups and downs in my business, I can still go back to that first time I fell in love and know that I inspire others for a living.

We cannot escape words. Words are a part of our lives even before we are born. As a Christian, I believe that even our very world came into existence because He spoke the words, “Let there be light.” This is a powerful sentence that resounds in my heart. As a mother, one of the first things I teach my children is how to read and write their name. I teach them scripture, read stories to them and sing songs to them. I now have five children and we encourage each other with kind words, loving phrases and uplifting encouragements. Thanks to Uppercase Living, they love to see their names and have their favorite quotes on their bedroom walls.

I see the potential for Uppercase Living everywhere I look. Offices need mission statements, classrooms need inspiration, gyms need motivation and bedrooms need beauty. In the five years of sharing this product, I have earned an all-expense paid trip to Cancun and countless other achievements within the company. I have enjoyed meeting and becoming true friends with the founder and CEO of Uppercase Living, a fantastic Christian couple, Jeff and Inger Erickson. I love their story about how they started the business. They simply wanted to share scripture and other enriching words with their family and friends. This is something we all want to do every day. This is something I try to do, want to do and need to do, to live a life inspired.

Thank you for giving me a moment to share my Uppercase Living story with you and if you want to learn more about Uppercase Living and their inspiring products, go to

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