What's Your Song?

I recently received a poster from a wonderful mom who creates South Indian inspired digital prints. What spoke to me the most about it was the message it shared,  "Sing Your Own Song". It made me reflect on how many of us shy away from the song that is unique to us. It, among many other things becomes the distinguishing factor that makes each of us unique. Yet, we would rather trade our uniqueness to blend into the crowd of consensus. 

Why do we do this?

1. There is something about consensus that provides a layer of protection. It is easier to hide and remain in that comfortable place where the status quo remains in check.

2. Our concern for approval and affirmation leaves us doubting whether our uniqueness would be accepted. And quite often it is not. Yet, our courage allows others to take their first steps.

3. We don't know the song within us. The comforts of the consensus have left us void of our own identity, value, and more importantly our destiny. 

Your song reflects your joys, pains, experiences, growth, relationships, challenges and so much more. Your song can come in the form of a story never written, a business plan ready to  launch, a degree worth learning about, or a work of art reflecting your creativity. No matter how that song is expressed in your life, just remember that it is unique and special to who you ARE and how you were created to BE.

So, what is your song?  

By Sheeba Varghese
Founder of defining moments 365