Time to recharge

Summer is one of the best times to just get away from all the noise and clutter of life and simply recharge. Our trip this year was to a beautiful resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We were able to join up with a number of our family members spanning from the East Coast and the Mid-west. It was full of fun, relaxation, laughter, lots of time in the pool, meals around the table, and some much needed naps throughout the day. Although, it is nice to get away and relax,  we don't have to wait for a vacation in the summer to do this.

Learning to recharge throughout the year and implementing this discipline is vital if we want to shift from living in survival mode to a place where we are thriving in life.

Before we go to "how" we can do this, it is probably a good thing to think about "why" this is so important.

Recharging throughout the year helps us to:

1. Get clear and focused on our priorities.

2. Have more energy to engage in life in a more meaningful way.

3. Be present with our children and spouse.

4. Develop the discipline of being in a quiet space.


Whether it is 20 minutes, 5 days, anywhere in between or beyond, we can determine to step away from everything and everyone that needs our attention.


1.  Choose a place that you find is relaxing.

It could be a room in your home, a bookstore, your library, the kitchen or the outdoors.  Get creative! Wherever your space is, determine that this is a "distraction-free" zone.

2.  Determine how you would like to spend your time.

What is it that uplifts your spirit? What leaves your energized? 

Is it reading a book? Quiet time? Listening to music? Gardening? Taking a nap? Stretching?

3.  Develop this practice so that it becomes a lifestyle.

Is it time for you to recharge? Leave me a comment below on how and where you recharge the best.