R.I.P. while you are still alive

I was riding in the car with my husband the other day and saw this huge peace sign painted on a rock high up on the mountains. There were flowers nearby and on the rock I could read the words REST IN PEACE.  

We use these words often after the death of someone special in our lives. For me personally, September and October mark the death anniversaries of my parents.  So, these two months hold a special place in my heart as you can well imagine.

But I do bring up this topic for a reason….as you already know!

When I read the words on the rock, I began to wonder: how could we REST IN PEACE when we are alive? What might that that look like? It’s so strange to consider this because in the world right now, stress is at an all time high. We are  multitasking, chauffeuring our children from one activity to another, overbooked in our calendars, trying to fit in one more activity, and it is a constant go, go, go. Oh, and the holidays haven’t even started.

Despite all of this, we can learn to rest in peace even while living. I have personally found that the peace I receive from the God of the Universe is a peace that surpasseth all understanding. It is a peace that enables me to rest from the busyness and stress of life. It is a peace that tears down the walls of competition and envy. Resting in peace is devoid of stress and all that it entails. It becomes a state of being from which everything that we do will also resemble that quality.

Does this mean that you won’t have those days that seem so crazy that they are anything but peaceful? No, but what it does mean is that you will recognize that there is an alternative way to live on this Earth that is possible! And the more you determine in your mind to rest in peace, the more you will consider whether the actions of that day will create more rest or stress.

Although, I have my faith firm in God, there is always that pull to do everything but be at rest. It becomes “normal” to live in such a way that everyday is crazy. Well, thriving in life begins with taking the road less traveled and challenging the status quo.

So, Here’s My Challenge To You:

Stop multitasking.

While it may seem that you can handle two to three tasks at once, this causes a tremendous amount of stress on your body. When you slow down a bit and focus on one thing at a time, the quality of your task will be improved, as will your focus and energy.

Turn down the volume

Often, we are pulled out of rest, because we are doing something out of obligation, guilt or to prove our worth. This is the music that we have been hearing for a while. It has become that song on replay!  

So, you could either stop the replay or turn down the volume. Before you decide, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and it will then help you take that step.

Identify the triggers

Stepping away from a chaotic day and taking a few minutes to clear your head and just breath in the moment can make a world of difference. It is also a great time to evaluate what is really causing the chaos and how much of that you want in your life.

Whether it’s 5 minutes in your room alone, a walk outdoors or a 30 minute soak in the tub, it’s important to take those moments to yourself. Take one step and schedule a regular time to yourself into your calendar today.

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To your moment, 
Coach Sheeba