June 2014 Newsletter

June, You Are Here..

As a mom, the beginning and end of my year is more closely aligned to my sons' academic school year than the typical calendar year. In June, I sit and reflect on all that they have accomplished, the struggles and challenges that stretched us as a family, the sports/activities they were involved in, and how we managed to get through it all-thank you GOD! It is an inventory of sorts-if you know what I mean. 

Well, that is what I did a couple of months ago with my business, defining moments 365. Since the start of the business in 2010, I have worked with men, women, and students to help them move closer to their desired goals. I have watched transformations happen, decisions taken, tears shed, dreams turned into reality, and so much more. As you can well imagine, being a part of that work, brings great joy to my life!

This year, I made a decision to narrow my focus to working with moms. It's amazing to see all the categories of "moms" out there once I did: S.A.H.M. (Stay-at-home-moms), W.A.H.M. (Work-at-home moms), Mom-preneurs, Professional moms, MOM bloggers, etc. Of course, I am just scratching the surface here! A common thread among moms is the day that we gave birth and/or adopted a child. It was a defining moment in our life. And for some, that day has continued to define their identity, value, focus, and energy in a manner that has left them stuck in the routines of life. If this is you, then the work I do helps you to DEFINE new moments that inspire and support you to thrive.  

You know who you are! As you come into June, I invite you to take an inventory of your moments this past year. Where do you feel stuck? What are you wanting more of in your life? How would you fill in the blank, "I have always wanted to_________."? What are some relationships that need changes? How about your professional life? By the way, those school years will come to a close and soon your children are off to explore life in new and exciting ways. Please don't wait until that happens, for you to take some time to focus on YOU. 

Take one step today! Email me and let me know of one change you want to make that will encourage and support you to thrive!

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