July 2014 Newsletter

July, You Are Gone

Yup, July is gone and I am still sending this "July" newsletter. I thought to myself, "Why not??". July is a special month for me as it begins with my wedding anniversary and ends with my son's birthday. With that said, you could probably imagine why this newsletter is being sent out so late. 

As I was sitting on the airplane coming back from a much needed vacation, I began to take a little time to reflect on the precious moments of July and decided to write them down. By the way, I do like to journal my thoughts, but each year I end up doing it a bit differently than the previous year. It may be everyday one year and once a month the next- it is whatever style that works for you.  Ok, now that I have gone off topic, let me focus on what I was saying. 

The moments in July that I remember the most are:

  • enjoying a romantic dinner for our wedding anniversary celebration
  • experiencing exquisite French pastries with a wonderful friend dear to my heart
  • laughing with our extended family in Jamaica
  • personal time with my Heavenly Father
  • inspiring my clients to take one more step
  • celebrating the accomplishments of my sons
  • sharing life with families that are dear to us and seeing their growth
  • listening to advice and counsel from our spiritual leaders
  • seeing a girlfriend after 6 years 

Our lives are filled with so many precious moments. Some we can never forget and others we would rather let them be. If we could live our lives with more of those moments that bring inspiration, laughter, community, love, joy, peace, motivation, challenge, etc., I wonder how our lives would show up differently every day? How would would we go about our priorities? Who would we take time to visit? Where would we travel? How would we occupy our time? The answers to all those questions will help us define moments that encourage and support us to thrive. 

To your moment,
Coach Sheeba

Take one step today! Email me and let me know of a moment that you have defined will encourage and support you to thrive.